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(16.9. – 30.9.2017).


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It is a fast paced world we leave in. There is always a vast amount of information and inputs that flow around us and influence our behavior and decisions. This flows can often be viewed as distractive and after a time people tend to hide from them in their local bubble. Often the best way of how not to become overwhelmed by them is to settle down in a certain location and try to blend in between this flows. There is, however, the second approach and that it is learning how to use them for your own benefits and try to always find new streams and flows that can enrich you further. This is how we live like a Remote Workers.

Every single location in this world is different and so are the information, an emotions and ideas that flow through them. While traveling through different locations, we are always getting influenced by something. Because of that, you are always receiving new sources of inspirations for your work. There is still however strong need to filter out distracting flows from the inspirational ones and staying on the task instead of just dreaming. It is something that needs to be learned and trained and that is why having a community of Remote Workers is so important.



Remote Friendly

#RemoteFriendly is an original series by Remote Workers with an ambition to become a ‘Michelin star of the remote world’. We are constantly looking for inspiring locations fit for remote work, and review everything from WiFi, networking opportunities to food quality. Check our blogs and YouTube channel for fresh season #1 from a tropical island of Tenerife.


#RemoteFriendly Episodes

SEASON 01 – Tenerife


Ep.01 – Agorá

Picking a location for the first ever episode of #RemoteFriendly series by RemoteWorkers was definitely a big thing. The place we pick will be the first ever forever, right? We desperately wanted the first choice to be the right one and that’s why we asked people who will know best – members of the Tenerife Digital Nomads and Remote Workers groups on Facebook. Thanks to great remote community, we had splendid recommendation in just few minutes and were ready for the trip straight away!


Ep.02 – Andana

Although it might seems that we pick locations in alphabetical order, it is just a plain coincidence. We discovered Andana while we were wandering on the Playa Jardin and we were hooked right away. It was exactly the kind of place that we imagined ourselves working from where we started working remotely.


Ep.03 – FU Café

As a RemoteWorker, when you come to Puerto de la cruz, you definitely do not want to miss Coworking in the sun. Besides coworking and coliving, they also organize very interesting lectures and free time activities that are really worth to attend. This series are however focused on Cafés and Bars, so we decided to visit the Cafe right next door – FU Café.


Ep.04 – Manfreds soul cafe

While wandering through the southern part of the island we had a little bit of the problems to find a good spot for remote workers that would not be overwhelmed by commercialism but then we got to El Médano near a famous kitesurfing beach and finally found a suitable place for a RemoteFriendly badge. Hurray!


Ep.05 – Café Mundial

When we arrived in La Laguna, we thought that because of the university, it will be an easy task to find some RemoteFriendly Café full of students, freelancers and nomads. Once again we were wrong! After half of a day visiting different places that we got recommendations for, we have finally found the spot.


SEASON 02 – Coming soon..